A solo short film

Sang-Froid is a very short film made in 2022 as my major 3rd year project at MoPA School.

“Fishing with a net in a small seaside pond, Emma, a willful little girl, tries at all costs to catch a crab”

This story is particularly inspired by my childhood which I spent in Brittany, France.

I tried to focus on design, colors and shapes. My goal was to use the best of the 2D and 3D mediums combined to bring this movie to life and convey a light-hearted, joyful story.

I started with the idea of the sea, and the concepts of environnements, as I wanted to work heavily on the art direction and full-pictures scenes before leaning into details. My character design comes directly from this idea, and where made at the same time. They needed to be simple but not boring, and to tell who they were at the right second we saw them.

The modelling and texturing of my characters were made accrodingly, as simple and efficient as possible, so they can fit perfectly and be read in a already pretty dense environnement without overloadind it. 

My movie relies mostly on camera-mapping and 2D paintings, enhanced with 3D lighting and compositing. My concepts and paintings were the very basis of the whole project.

(Here : Concept – Render – Compositing)